Individual Training

Do you need help with your dog? Do you see the other dogs that come when called, play politely with their owner, walk nicely by their side? Do you wish you had that? YOU CAN! Maybe you have a new puppy and you want to make sure that you start him right?

Maybe you have new rescue dog and you want to help them settle and learn how you can live happily together?

Maybe you are fed up of shouting and pulling at your dog and you want them to listen to you?

I offer an initial consultation for £50. This includes a written report, and usually lasts up to two hours. The write up will include a suggested training plan, including number of sessions.

You can then book follow on sessions for £40 per session, with a 20% discount if you book a months block of 4 sessions! 

For information on changes due to COVID 19 please go to Safe dog training in a pandemic

What do you get for your money?

  • Tailored instruction that you understand exactly what you need to do to change your dog’s behaviour – and so that your dog understands what is expected of him
  • Enough sessions to really make a difference in real life situations – too often training fails because the dog is great at training classes, but a nightmare in the real world!
  • A mixture of me training your dog and me training you to train your dog, as each partnership will have different needs
  • Ongoing support outside our sessions by email, phone and video as you need it when you need it
  • An understanding of how dogs learn so that you are better equipped to problem solve in the future
  • Written training plans and reports that you can look back on and review what we did together
  • A focus on real life manners, skills and problem solving so that you know you and your dog can become the best team you can be
  • A focus on you and your dog’s relationship
  • A commitment to effective and kind dog training, and my own skills and knowledge is accredited and assessed by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • 20% discount on my price if you booked me per hour
  • Telephone, whatsapp and email support throughout the week

I know that 3 months of effort from you and your family (3 blocks of training sessions) is enough to turn your dog around. It only takes around 20 minutes a day of work, and some new habits for your best friend to start being a friend again. I can help with any training issues you may from running away when you call to pulling you down the street. If I feel that you need help from a behaviourist, then I will refer you immediately and refund any unused money.

I wanted to give clients some indication of a realistic time scale and knowledge that they would be supported enough to make a change in their dog’s behaviour in the real world. I found that the clients that did the best were those that worked over a few months at least with me, and so I decided I would rather offer a limited number of committed partnerships my full attention than juggle many more people who are less likely to be successful. In fact, I would rather charge LESS per session, if I knew that my clients had a commitment to help their dog over time.

Book an initial consultation today!


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