Warwickshire Group Classes

Do you want a polite dog? Are you hoarse from shouting at your dog that’s too busy playing to listen to you? Arms hurting from being pulled along? Do you want to have fun with your dog? YOU NEED MY CLASSES!

Manner and Life Skills (older than 8 months) (Next intake from mid-august) 2019 Tuesday 6pm, Lighthorne Cricket Club, Chesterton Road CV35 0AB.

Puppy Class (younger than 8 months) (Next intake from mid-August) Thursday 6pm, Lighthorne Cricket Club, Chesterton Road CV35 0AB.

Tricks and Training (for those that have already completed any beginner course) join anytime 7pm, Lighthorne Cricket Club, Chesterton Road CV35 0AB.

£60 for the 6 week course, includes recall, sit, down, loose lead walking and so much more! £40 for 4 weeks of tricks and training, which we tailor for the participants and what looks like fun!

What do you get for your money?

  • A lot of one to one attention and exercises tailored to you and your dog – there are only 6 dogs in the class!
  • no walking in circles or watching other people with their dogs- you will be doing most of the time
  • space to have a mooch if your dog needs a break
  • space away from the group if your dog is reactive or nervous – by the end of the course you will be closer to the others and your dog will be less nervous!
  • Each week I email a summary of what we do so you won’t forget
  • Advice on issues cropping up outside of class via email or chat
  • advice on equipment, diet, motivation as needed
  • clearly planned courses and sessions that build week on week
  • I want every dog and owner to succeed and I will problem solve to make sure you get what you need!

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