Day 6 of Boolicious Relaxation Protocol – Life happens, keep on training….

We’ve been pretty busy with clients, pups, bank holidays and training here in the last few days and so haven’t been able to keep up with the daily Boo relaxation. But you know what? Do it anyway. Life happens to all of us and its really easy to let a set back or a break stop us from keeping going. Just do it the next 10 mins you have free. Will it be as good as the perfect people on Instagram? No but a lot of them use filters! The main thing is get back to it when you can. I often think training fails because people think that if they can’t commit to 100% then they may as well not do anything. No! Life happens, keep on training…

 Day 6 involved a lot of going away and playing with doors. We got an out of sight stay which I think is brilliant and is our first ever! Such a good girl. I also tried something new on the walking around her and clapping. At first she span on her bum to try and keep me in view but this time I just keep going and after a few spins she sat and waited for me. I marked this and rewarded and she did it again. Sometimes the most important thing in training is letting the dog figure it out! We always want to stick our monkey hands and voices in all the time when its better sometimes to wait and let the dog use her brain!


day 6 booThis is a pic of Boo staring at her own reflection… Nothing to do with relaxation but she was doing it for ages and I thought it was funny!

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