Day 4 of the Relaxation Protocol – its beginning to pay off

relaxation day 4

We had a few days break of the relaxation protocol – sort of. You see we went to dog training on Saturday which was very very exciting for Boo. A smallish hall filled with 3 other dogs and a lot of equipment and noises and smells was very exciting. We also had to wait and take turns on some of the equipment like the jump and practicing our emergency stop (Boo did one but was going too fast so she kept missing the target!). We took the mat which we train the relaxation on and she was ace, just chilled out. She had practiced relaxing while silly things were happening on her mat and so it was all much less difficult for her – and much more pleasant for me! I could concentrate on what everyone was doing! We then went to have a go on a friends agility equipment – again with lots of people and dogs and she got to do some exciting things. Boo loved the agility and kept pretty calm even with the chaos. Well except for one time when she just had to go and jump on all the people to give them kisses… we are working on that!

Today we had to go all the way around her and she found this pretty hard. I broke it down by rewarding her as I went around, so that she understood that I wanted her to stay still while I moved around her and not for her to come with me. She did get it, but as always if the dog doesn’t understand, break what you are doing down further. We are training our dogs not testing them!


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