Day 2 of the relaxation protocol with bonus silly monkey shenanigans


Day 2 of the protocol seems a lot harder for the dog than Day 1. It starts with a 10 seconds of sit / down and then goes on to add a lot more movement. It was also a lot funnier to watch as I jogged in place, clapped and generally acted like the silly monkey Boo thinks I am… You may want to wait until no-one can see you to do this…

If you are playing along at home and you can’t do these tasks straight away I would break some of the steps down further – i.e. jog for two seconds then three – and take a few days to get through it. I had to repeat the walking round the dog a few times with Boo as she wanted to face me at all times – a common thing with dogs at the start of their training because we do most of it with them facing us! I broke it down and rewarded a few times while I was beside her rather than in front and we got there. Lowering your criteria, i.e. asking for something less difficult, is always a good move if the dog doesn’t understand what you are asking.

I also made Charlie’s mat a bit bigger, as he wasn’t comfortable on the other one. For a Top Trainer Tip, you can sellotape the corners of a blanket down onto a wooden or tile floor to make it move less. (This isn’t really a top trainer tip, and maybe why I am not on TV with Nando and Steve Mann, my Tips are a bit less glam and more household object based?). I was very pleased with Charlie as I got a lot more relaxation today – and I made it an explicit part of my criteria. So I deliberately waited until he was calm before I started my first 10 second sit count. I probably should have done this yesterday – funny the things that are obvious afterwards! This happens a lot with training – you realise the next day the thing you should have done – and I welcome it. I’d rather be thoughtful and sometimes do things differently than believe I am always right first time.

See you tomorrow! I hope I don’t have to jog in place as much!

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